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"Zisuki knitwear" was established in 1989 in Nis, as a family manufactures. Over the time, with hard work, dedication and love we have managed to grow from a small home workshop to a modern factory.

Our range includes men`s and women`s clothing knitwear, from classical sweaters thoug pullovers, tunics, sets, skirts, to modern wool jackets and coats.

We offer more than 100 standard products, complementing and refreshing collections twice a year: fall / winter and spring / summer. This can offer you a wide variety with non-stop available stock, and delivery time of 48 hours. You can choose from a wide range of products for you self and your store.

We are also ready for custom manufacture and various forms of business cooperation.

The philosophy of our business is a satisfied customer, what means that our products are high quality made of the best materials primarily wool and cotton yarn. We have over twenty years of experience in this field.

Besides good quality the classic, original and unique design is another feature of our products. Therefore we can say that our products are not intended for a particular age group or profession, but for all those who prefer quality and comfortable pieces that never go out of fashion, for affordable prices.


In addition to our production program we are also open to offer different services:

* design and production of test patterns and models

* making custom orders with the highest quality finishing treatment

* making complete collections

* tailoring and sewing services

* making all kinds of knitwear

In us you can find trustworthy and stabile partner for your future manufacturing plans. 


With the existing labor and production capacity, the quality products and services we offer, we have the potential to become one of the leading knitwear manufacturers in Serbia.

Thank you for showig us confidence, our main motive is to be better every time!

Tel.: +381 18 453 57 04

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